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About Us

NESIP is always a guarantee of excellent quality and beautiful appearance. We are attentive and responsible not only to the choice of fabric and accessories, but also to any other details.


We buy all fabrics preliminary in great volumes from lux-class collections that allows to make the prices for shirts for our clients in times more pleasantly.

The world of individual tailoring of man's shirts is extremely various: the crucial role at tailoring is played a qualitative fabric, therefore we give a choice of the best fabrics both from local raw, so and from the Italian and English factories. All fabrics from which our goods is sewed are of the high quality, with fashionable coloring and prints. The fabrics’ composition is rationally collected and based on natural fibers which provide comfortable wearing. After a choice of the fabric, we draw-out a collar variant on the breadboard model of the future shirt also choose the cuffs.
By means of various models of the collars and cuffs, we can make a different impression and individual style of a finished item. All details in a shirt are important: gussets, a combination of details, finishing seams by the silk thread, edge-basting of the buttonhole or cufflinks holes, dotted manual pick stitching on an item. On a choice, it is given to the client the art embroidery of the initials on a pocket, on a forepart or on a cuff by several fonts. Letters are embroidered with a silk thread of the colour chosen by the client.
Come to our showrooms and enjoy a choice of fabrics, and after it by item sewed from it special for you.


In our production process we use the modern equipment with observance of all necessary technological processes.

In production process of man's shirts the big relative weight (up to 30 %) is occupied with damp-thermal handling (DTH).
Damp-thermal handling of our items is performed by means of the complete set of the special high-quality devices including: machines for pressing of a collar and a cuff, a press-machine for pressing of front and back side, and also devices for folding and packaging of shirts. By the automatic on-off machine simultaneous pressing of two cuffs of one shirt is produced. This press-machine provides correct forming to cuffs of a shirt after it reversing on outside.
Final damp-thermal handling of man's shirts can be performed as by electric irons, so and by ironing devices with electrical steam irons where by hot steam all folds and jams are smoothed ideally. As a result the shirts take an elegant form. For us it is essentially important to be assured as in high professional quality of our items, so and in its refinement.


If you are interested in quality clothing and reliable service, then we will be happy to provide you with our services.